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For patients, Simple Admit is easy, private, and convenient. Patients complete the secure web form wherever and whenever they choose. Clinical staff gain more legible, complete medical histories and patient information since patients are completing the form themselves. Even medical accuracy is enhanced. Simple Admit includes a medical dictionary and medication drug database to ensure medication names and dosages are accurate.

Consistency, quality assurance, and documentation improve with Simple Admit. Staff members spend less time on the phone and more time with patients. This expedites processes and allows staff to refocus labor hours more effectively for each patient, which can lead to greater patient satisfaction and improved medical care, in addition to cost savings; fewer RN hours are needed for admissions, resulting in a rapid ROI.

Simple Admit is a progressive business solution. Admission tasks that used to be paper-based and laborious are automated and archived. Within minutes, staff can customize the Simple Admit form to include just the patient information needed. Then, any staff member can follow the scripted questions, which allows for flexible staffing. Patient follow-up is also automated. Preoperative reminders and patient education are electronically customized and securely emailed to each patient.

Administrative requirements are included, too. Simple Admit is ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance with government mandates and HIPAA regulations. Facilities can include within the Simple Admit form information regarding patients’ rights, ownership disclosures, and other policies, with required patient review and time-stamped documentation. Administrators also benefit from detailed, customized data reports that support strategic planning for staffing, marketing, contract negotiations, and more.